This course expands existing user-level knowledge and experience with PC software and hardware and introduces fundamental skills and concepts. Network fundamentals are also introduced with extensive coverage of network models, media, and IP Addressing. Finally, foundational skills in Security are covered by introducing students to different security threats, cryptography fundamentals, security policies, and risk management.



Managing Data Storage
Optimizing and Maintaining Microsoft Windows
Working with Other Operating Systems
Implementing Security Controls
Troubleshooting System-Wide Issues


Network Theory
Network Communications Methods
Network Media and Hardware
Network Implementations
Networking Models
TCP/IP Addressing and Data Delivery
TCP/IP Services
LAN Infrastructure
WAN Infrastructure
Remote Networking
System Security
Network Security
Network Security Threats and Attacks
Network Management
Network Troubleshooting


Security Fundamentals
Identifying Security Threats and Vulnerabilities
Managing Data, Application, and Host Security
Implementing Network Security
Implementing Access Control, Authentication, and Account Management
Managing Certificates
Implementing Compliance and Operational Security
Risk Management
Troubleshooting and Managing Security Incidents
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning


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